Below are various sites, presentations, people and other sources of information that have great ideas we can apply to Web design.

Sites dedicated to psychology, persuasion, neuroscience, games mechanics and other topics Web designers might find interesting.

  • Monthly “Made to Stick” Column for Fast Company

    WHY? Brothers Dan and Chip Heath offer up tons of great ideas based on solid research.

  • Companion site to the highly recommended book Nudge

    WHY? Discover lots of great studies into behavioral economics.

  • Bokardo, where Joshua Porter writes about social Web design

    WHY? Psychology applied to Web design with the discussion of Avatars (and trust), Microcopy, Lewin's Equation, and more!

  • Kathy Sierra's blog Creating Passionate Users

    WHY? Though no longer active, the posts here are a goldmine! Think cognitive science (in practical terms) crossed with great customer experiences

Also worthy of your attention:
The Fun Theory
Series of videos that explores how simply making things fun can change behaviors for the better.
Building Web Reputation Systems: The Blog
The content here is an invaluable, deep dive into reputation systems.
MindHacks Blog
Site to accompany the MindHacks book, which explores 100 interesting observations about how our brains work.
BJ Fogg
BJ Fogg has been writing about and researching persuasive technology for years! Some great ideas and frameworks backed by solid research.
Design With Intent
The only project I've come across that is similar (but different!) to the Mental Notes cards. Highly Recommended!
Stay on top of lots of interesting Psychology studies...
The Social Brain
"Looks at research pitched at the three levels of brain, individual behaviour and social organisation."
Design & Behavior
"Concerned with how design and technology can have an effect on the way that people behave."
What Makes them Click?
Regular ideas from neuroscience applied to Web design.
Incentive Intelligence
All about incentives and rewards.

People who frequently tweet about persuasion, social design or game mechanics.

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